Running a successful business depends on the ability to gain insight into business data and extract and present information in a meaningful way. A company’s employees need to be able to transform data into actionable insight no matter where they are located in the organization.

Microsoft Dynamics provides business insight through the tools users already have on their desktop. Flexible and comprehensive reporting tools, simple business intelligence capabilities and a Microsoft SQL platform for data access provide the right fit for the needs of small and mid-sized companies.

Business performance depends on the ability to track activities that span from financial transactions and performance reports to compliance records. Accurate monitoring requires a wide range of integrated capabilities. Microsoft Dynamics NAV delivers moni­toring capabilities to provide organizations with the comprehensive view of the information they need through Microsoft SQL and native reporting options.

Charts and Graphs

Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides a large number of built-in charts and graphs rendered in various forms based on role preferences. The user is also provid­ed with the ability to drill down into various levels of detail. Charts are available in the Windows, Web and Tablet client for Microsoft Dynamics NAV on any list place and can be customized to display the informa­tion the customer is looking for.


Cues are special tiles that apply custom formatting to any computed numerical value such as the number of open sales invoices. They can also show an indicator that changes color based on the data values that the tile reflects. This enables users to get visual insight of the status of the data based on conditions for favor­able and unfavorable thresholds. The Cues are avail­able in the Windows, Web, Tablet and the new Phone client for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Advanced Visualization

Microsoft Dynamics NAV also offers advanced visualization capabilities to do visual explorations and intuitive interactions.


√ Explore data visually and gain insight into P&L performance


√ Identify items of interest, outliers and transfer into Actionable Tasks like: What is my change in expenses?


√ Change data interactively and visualize potential consequences for chosen actions within the sales process: How is my overall order status?

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