When considering better Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM); properly capturing and nurturing new leads to close is a top feature to consider.  How to effectively handle new prospects looking at your products or service and staying in constant communication will increase your odds of closing more business.  Customer Service, however, once you land a new account is equally important to ensure that your new accounts, and existing customers, stay actively engage with your teams is also critical.  In this post, we will review how to Boost Customer Service with CRM A good CRM system will have the necessary tools to help you close new business and manage customer expectations while ensuring a high service level as well.  At iCepts Technology Group, we offer a powerful, yet affordable CRM solution called Power-CRM.

Power-CRM is a next-generation, cloud-based CRM software solution built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Apps platforms. Power-CRM offers full functionality for marketing, sales, and customer service at one of the most affordable price points in the market. Importantly, in our “on the go” and mobile society, integration with Microsoft Outlook and Power-CRM is superb.

The Customer Service functionality in Power-CRM will enable your team to provide world-class customer service & support by incorporating Customer Service tools that can be used by any business to manage service from inquiry to resolution such as:

Full Case/Ticket Management:

Power-CRM’s powerful yet simple to use Customer Service tools will help you provide awesome support.  You can manage issues, questions even onsite service with end-to-end case/ticket management.

Service Level Agreements:

Power-CRM has simple yet very effective SLA tools. Set your requirements for initial follow-up on tickets/cases as well as the goal for case/ticket resolution time.  Automatic notifications when cases/tickets are not being updated timely.  Automatic tracking of KPIs like average initial response time, average resolution time, top issues, and more.


Proactively request feedback on customer experiences using the survey module. Automatically send surveys after cases/tickets are closed or on a schedule. Send surveys automatically based on virtually any condition (when a sales opportunity is won, when there is no activity in an account for X time, etc) Automatically escalate responses based on the customer feedback. Analyze customer satisfaction using powerful reports/dashboards.

Customer Portal:

Give customers the ability to self-serve with our included customer portal. Control access by account and by contact allowing you to secure information at every level. Customers can create or update cases/tickets, update account or contact info, access information like forms, spec sheets, etc.  Future more, you can even provide account-specific reports/dashboards using Microsoft Power BI.

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Posted by iCepts Technology Group, Inc. a Power-CRM Partner in Pennsylvania 

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