Today’s top security threats increasing, and companies must have proven technology solutions in place to protect against these threats.  Businesses today require increased security safeguards at an affordable price, so you can have peace of mind. These organizational goals can be achieved by Better Security with Microsoft Defender for Business.

Microsoft Defender for Business elevates security from traditional antivirus to next-generation protection, endpoint detection and response, threat and vulnerability management, and more. It offers simplified configuration and management with intelligent, automated investigation and remediation. Defender for Business helps you to protect against cybersecurity threats including malware and ransomware across Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices.

Microsoft Defender for Business is a cost-effective security solution for small businesses that includes “Enterprise-Grade” protection including:

  • Threat and vulnerability management – Helps you to prioritize and focus on the weaknesses that pose the most urgent and the highest risk to your business. By discovering, prioritizing, and remediating software vulnerabilities and misconfigurations you can proactively build a secure foundation for your environment.
  • Attack surface reduction – Reduces your attack surface (places that your company is vulnerable to cyberattacks) across your devices and applications using capabilities such as ransomware mitigation, application control, web protection, network protection, network firewall, and attack surface reduction rules.
  • Next-generation protection – Helps to prevent and protect against threats at your front door with antimalware and antivirus protection—on your devices and in the cloud.
  • Endpoint detection and response (EDR) – Get behavioral-based detection and response alerts allowing you to identify persistent threats and remove them from your environment. Manual response actions within Defender for Business will allow you to take action on processes and files, while live response will put you in direct control of a device to help ensure it’s remediated, secured, and ready to go.
  • Automated investigation and remediation – Helps to scale your security operations by examining alerts and taking immediate action to resolve attacks for you. By reducing alert volume and remediating threats, Defender for Business allows you to prioritize tasks and focus on more sophisticated threats.
  • APIs and integration – Automate workflows and integrate security data into your existing security platforms and reporting tools. For example, you can pull detections from Defender for Business into your security information and event management tool.

Defender for Business is designed to deliver maximum security value at a price point that works for your business. Its simplicity of it allows you to onboard and manage endpoint security with low operational overhead, and less burden to learn complex cybersecurity concepts to get your business secured.

Defender for Business protects your endpoints whether your email and productivity are on-premises, Microsoft 365, or other solutions. So, we’ve made the licensing model flexible and simple. Upon general availability, you will be able to buy direct from Microsoft and via Microsoft Partner Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) partners such as iCepts Technology Group, Inc.

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Contact iCepts Technology Group, Inc. a Microsoft CSP Partner in Pennsylvania for more information.

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