Microsoft Power Business Intelligence, or Microsoft Power BI, is a real-time business analytics solution that lets you visualize your data and share insights within your organization for better decision-making. Power BI allows you to embed insightful data to your app or website to monitor your business and get answers quickly with rich dashboards available on every device. Better Reporting in Microsoft Business Central with Power BI Dashboards can give companies the information they need in a very easy-to-view format.

At iCepts Technology Group, we have enhanced reporting for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central by creating insightful visual dashboards through leveraging Power BI’s capabilities.   Our Easy to Use and Fast Power BI Dashboards Include:

Aged Accounts Receivables:  Get a detailed categorized report across your customers to display, 30, 60, 90+ data ranges for a clear view of all the outstanding invoices and see an in-depth display of monies owed in an instant.

Age Account Payables:  Similar to the previous report, you can view all of the payables in a defined, or combined category, filter such as customer, days, amount, age bucket, and also drill into the invoices to support the data.

Top 10 Customers:  Quickly view your best customers, YTD, and compare to the previous year, revenue, margins, sold items, and more custom filters. Find out what your most profitable items are in (and customers) an easy-to-view dashboard.

Top Selling Items:  Analyze the performance of how items are selling and what profit margins are associated with these items, margins, and by customer.

Top Vendor List:  Look at the vendors your purchase form and cost associated with each to compare costs with other vendors and the amount spent by specified time frame.

Using these handy reports can get you information much quicker and in an easy-to-use visual format to spot trends, get a better understanding of your business, and discover supporting information. With better access to reporting than standard Business Central, utilizing our Custome Power BI Dashboards will get your relevant information quickly to help guide your company.

Visit our page: Custom Power BI Dashboards for Microsoft Dynamcis 365 Business Central 

Posted by iCepts Technology Group, Inc. A Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Power BI Partner in Pennsylvania 

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