Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a popular Enterprise Resource Planning system to help your business streamline business departments and also provide rich, easy to use reporting. In this second of three series of articles, we will focus on different areas that Microsoft Dynamics NAV can help with better business reporting  inside this ERP System; this article will focus on Charts and KPI’s.

With easy access to information, Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows your to monitor the status of your organization at a glance with Charts and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to make it possible for you and your employees to spot trends faster.Group Business Reporting Pictures

Charts and Graphs:

Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP provides a large number of built-in charts and graphs rendered in various forms base on role preferences.  The user is also provided with the ability to drill down into various levels of detail.  Charts are available both in the Windows and Web Client of Microsoft Dynamics NAV on any list place and be customized to display the information the customer is looking for.

Advanced Visualization:

Microsoft Dynamics NAV also offers advanced visualization capabilities to do visual explorations and intuitive interactions.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV comes with a wide variety of customized charts out of the box with numerous business information insights such as:


Explore data visually and gain insight into P & L Performance


Identify items of interest, outliers and transfer into Actionable Taks like: “What is my change in expenses?”


Change data interactively and visulaize potential consequences for chosen actions within the sales process such as; “How is my overall order status?”

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