Assembly Management is a new set of features in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 that give companies a cost-efficient way to reduce inventory while providing superior customer service. It is designed to support companies that supply products to their customers by combining components in simple processes that don’t require complex setup and maintenance, such as assembly, light manufacturing, and kitting. Companies that run assemble-to-order and assemble-to-stock processes can benefit from using Assembly Management.

With Assembly Management, companies can:

  • Reduce inventory – Activities such as, special labeling and packaging, kitting, assembling, and late-stage product completion, can be postponed until after the customer order is received.  Sellable items can be stocked in a generic state as long as possible while assembled products and kits are not stocked at all.
  • Boost customer service – Assembly Management enables companies to improve efficiency while remaining agile enough to respond to changing customer demands. Last minute customer requirements can be accommodated more easily; pre-assembled promotional kits can be shipped out quickly and special price options and service can be offered through a kit.

Assembly Management delivers integrated functionality with the entire NAV supply chain suite – including Sales, Supply Planning, Warehousing, Inventory Management and Item Tracking – to streamline operations, reduce costs and speed order fulfillment. For example, the sales order processor can customize composition of assembly items on the fly, promise delivery dates according to component availability, reserve components and post output and shipment of the assembled item directly from the sales order interface. Likewise, warehouse personnel can handle such tasks as picking components for the assembly items and registering their serial and lot numbers using the same documents and processes as for all other warehouse operations; the planner can plan the optimal supply for assembly items and their components with all the existing supply planning tools.

The integrated functionality in Assembly Management helps partners improve productivity by decreasing the time and resources they spend on making and maintaining add-ons for assembly and kitting – functionality that is generic across industries and geographies. It also provides new opportunities for partners to expand their business by attracting more customers, such as companies who need light manufacturing

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