“Open Source” relates to Software in which the source code used to create a specific program is freely available for the public to view, edit and redistribute. In other words. “Free!”  The thinking for access to free source codes and free products essentially is a development model to promote a universal free license to a product in a “shared community environment”.

Developers in this shared environment of Open Source technology can continue to improve functionality of a product and share best practices to make computer products even better in a collaborate effort. Support for these sort of Open Source technology applications can be handled inside of a company with the appropriate technology knowledge or by a for profit organization.

The Open Source movement was a result of the rapid increase of the Internet along with the increase of limitations along proprietary code being owned by an individual or company which typically had severe restrictions on its use.

Businesses can take advantage of this Free Source Code in many applications including Open Source Voice Over IP Phone Systems. These Business Voice Over IP Phone System are  available for companies in this community and one in which a cost savings can be realized by not having to pay for expensive phone systems. Typically with an “Open Source” VoIP Phone System there is

  • no charge for the base software,
  • no charge for add-on features,
  • no annual licensing fee and
  • no charge per user.

The cost of implementing this sort of phone system is just hardware (server, phone, switches), services to install, and your phone lines.  VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol technology that allows you to make phone calls using a broadband Internet connection rather in addition to regular PRI’s or POTS lines.

Learn about the features of Business Open Source VoIP Phone Systems Here


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