Power-CRM is a next-generation, cloud-based CRM software solution built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Apps platforms. Power-CRM offers full functionality for marketing, sales, and customer service at one of the most affordable CRM price points in the market. Importantly, in our “on the go” and mobile society, integration with Microsoft Outlook and Power-CRM is superb.  You don’t have to toggle from both applications to get your important CRM information when you are accessing your email; everything is tied together.  Now with the addition of Advanced CRM Mapping, your company can get the most out of your mobile Customer Relationship Management solution with the following:

Geocode your CRM Data: Automatically geocodes any CRM record with an address (adds latitude/longitude). Push records onto Heat or Detail maps.

Easily Map your CRM Data: Visualize CRM data on maps. Categorize your data to show different ranges of data with different colors of pushpins which makes it really easy to differentiate and analyze.

Radius Search: Find nearby Customers or Prospects by radius from your current location (find any record in CRM with an address.

Auto Scheduling: Plan your days and stay productive within Power-CRM by auto-scheduling appointments along with optimized routes and register the arrival with Check-In.

Find Nearby Places: Easily find nearby places like airports, gas stations, coffee shops, etc, search and create a new record for nearby places on the map in a matter of seconds.

Route Optimization: Generate optimized routes on a map using turn-by-turn navigation with Google Maps or Waze App to visit customers/prospects and register the arrival with Check-In.

Geo-Analytical Dashboards:  Be it any entity, opportunity, leads, or accounts, Geo-Analytical dashboards provide an easy way to visualize and analyze your CRM data.

Heat Map:  Easily view concentrations of customers/prospects by creating a Heat map.

Power-CRM with Advanced Mapping CRM functionality is a full mobile-enabled solution that automatically geocodes your data to create heat or detailed maps, allows you to perform radius searches, and also optimized driving directions.  Power-CRM can be enhanced with many additional add-on solutions; one being Maplytics for advanced mapping capabilities.

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Posted by iCepts Technology Group, Inc. a Power-CRM Partner in Pennsylvania.

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