Microsoft Office 365 is a popular and robust business productivity suite of “Cloud-Based” office products. With Office 365, you always have the latest versions of Office apps as soon as they’re available—no need to purchase new versions. Your subscription gives you continuous free access to the latest innovations and refinements. Work with confidence knowing that Office 365 gives you the best tools available to get more done.

The below Top Reasons to Choose Microsoft Office 365 can give you a better idea on how your company can boost productivity and share important business information more freely to collaborate on ideas and projects more effectively.

1. Always Up-To-Date Office Products:

Never worry about not having the latest version of your favorite office tools. Microsoft Office 365 is a Cloud Business Productivity Suite system that always assures you to have the latest Office editions and features.

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2. Your Office on the Go:

With Mobility and accessibility a key part of Office, access your business information on the device you choose-PC, Tablet or Smart Phone.  Use the Cloud-Based connection to access your Office products or have the flexible to work “off line” on documents with the fully installed versions of Office desktop apps as well.

3. Collaboration Made Easy:

Share Office 365 business applications in real time and co-author files using Office apps or a browser, and see everyone’s changes as they happen.  To start, you save the document you are working on to OneDrive (Microsoft’s Cloud Storage Portal) or SharePoint Online, then simply “share” the document by inviting other co-workers to view your file.  You can see exactly any changes that are made from different “colors” that are assigned to co-workers, plus have the capability to enter comments or chat via Skype in addition.

4. Familiar Office Tools:

Built for productivity, utilize familiar Microsoft business tools that work together and take advantage of the latest updates and new features immediately from the Cloud with applications such as Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Skype, OneDrive, and many more!

5. Flexible Plans:

Office 365 is a monthly or yearly online subscription plan that also includes a “Desktop” Version, as well as Mobile capabilities, to various Office applications. There are different plans to choose from to find a fit that is best for your business, for example, several enterprise models, plus Office 365 availability for Non Profit, Government, Education, and Home versions.

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