With the new release of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 is now available more robust financial management functionality for your small to mid-sized wholesale distribution business.  There are many other additional features and benefits for selecting Dynamics NAV for your company including: better reporting, “real time” information, productivity enhancements, supply chain management improvements, manufacturing capabilities and more!  Visit our Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Information Page Here!

1. Intercompany Postings: 

Manage accounting for more than one company in the same posting process. The companies can be in the same or in one of several different Microsoft Dynamics NAV databases. You can also send documents to partner companies. Users control the document flow through an Inbox/Outbox feature, and transactions are completed as general journal transactions or through receivables and payables, which enables the use of currencies and correct reconciliation.

2. Responsibility Centers:

Set up profit centers and/or cost centers. A company can sell items with specific prices and that are related to a responsibility center. You can tie a user to a responsibility center so that only sales and purchase documents related to the particular user are displayed. Users get assistance with entering extra data, such as dimensions and location codes.

3. Cost Accounting:

Cost Accounting provides an efficient way to control the company’s costs by providing visibility and insight into budgeted and actual costs of operations, departments, products, and projects. Cost Accounting synchronizes cost information with the general ledger, and then allocates that information to different costs centers and cost objects.

This granule includes:

  • Transfer costs from general ledger.
  • Enter and post internal charges and allocations directly into he Cost Accounting Cost journal.
  • Predefine recurring cost allocation rules on cost allocation cards and execute in a batch job.
  • Undo allocations.
  • Cost budgets and transfer cost budget entries to actual entries.

4.  General Ledger Table Locking Architecture and Dimension Posting and Storing Redesign:

Speed up posting processes by enabling more users to post sales and purchase orders at the same time. Improve analytical capabilities with more robust capabilities for storing data dimensions.

5. Cash Flow Forecast:

Analyze cash flow and take action quickly. Understand your current cash position, forecast short-term cash flow, and monitor cash receipts and disbursements. Create multiple cash flow forecasts for different time periods. Deliver role appropriate cash flow information via Role Center screens.

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