Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 has many new enhancements including Mobile ERP Technology.   This new features in NAV have resulted in Microsoft Dynamics NAV for modern Windows, Microsoft Dynamics NAV for iPad and Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Android, which allow users in small and mid-sized businesses to get access to the data they need from the device they prefer.

While the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows Client and Dynamics NAV Web Client are designed for mouse and keyboard interaction, Dynamics NAV for tablets has a modern, fast and fluid interface built exclusively for touch.Mobile ERP Customer View

The mobile ERP strategy is founded on the premise that a single app cannot possibly satisfy every customer’s unique and changing needs. Therefore, Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides the building blocks so that customers can easily craft beautiful, role-tailored experiences for tablets. Developing new content for tablets becomes a simple task, without the maintenance headache of different devices or platforms.

In fact, Microsoft Dynamics NAV for tablets is entirely powered by your Dynamics NAV server, including the tables, pages and business logic you already use today. Because this is all built upon the same technology as the Dynamics NAV Web Client, you will install, configure, secure, license, and extend in the same manner.

Below are some of the benefits of using Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Tablets:

  • Empower remote workers: Having access to their data on the go has become a must for service engineers, sales field organizations, executives and decision-makers. However, all employees can now get meaningful work done after hours, at home or on the go. Running your business from your couch?
  • Improve Accuracy: Capture information closer to the source, such as opening a Sales Order while visiting your customer’s retail outlet. By reducing lost or illegible paper documents, your customer satisfaction goes up along with your revenue, and your budgets and plans are always based on accurate data. Say no to filling out sheets in triplicate.
  • Reduce end-to-end time: With a direct line of communication to your headquarters and your entire organization at your fingertips, you can immediately react to incoming orders, replenishing your stock, and decrease the overall time to fulfilment.
  • Engage with Customers: whether your customer is in the next street or on an oil rig in the middle of the ocean, when you sit down with that customer you have access to the data you need to complete the deal, such as your updated inventory, your product catalogue, schematics, order history and customer details. Bring NAV into the conversation between you and your customer.
  • Modern: keep at the forefront of technology in a mobile-first and cloud-first world. Not only will this make you look good, but you will also support the new generation of employees who grew up in a connected, touch-optimized world.

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