Microsoft Power BI (Business Intelligence), offered by iCepts Technology Group, Inc. is a real-time business analytics solution that lets you visualize your data and share insights within your organization for better decision making. Power BI allows you to embed insightful data to your app or website from connections to hundreds of authorized data sources.  Your company can then utilize Power BI to create visuals your business can view such as dashboards and reports. Part of the Microsoft Power Platform, Power BI, is designed to compile the relative data for your business in a dynamic, reporting dashboard to analyze information clearly.  Below we will highlight the 3 Top Reasons to use Microsoft Power BI for your organization.

  1. Business Intelligence: One of the most compelling reasons is it’s an industry leader in Business Intelligence! Who does not want a more intelligent business? Using BI in your daily routine can save you time and money. BI allows the user to see key factors affecting their business and make decisions quickly and confidently. Power BI allows the users to connect to an almost limitless number of data sources.
  2. Collaboration: Another key reason for using Power BI is the ability to share data analysis easily with users in your organization and outside of your organization. Power BI offers users a powerful web interface to view reports and dashboards as well as a mobile app that puts your data in view wherever you happen to be. Reports and Dashboards can be set to update in real-time or on a predefined interval. You can be confident knowing your analysis is up to date and accurate. Power BI is a powerful, secure cloud-based system that allows users to control exactly what data is viewed by each user. One single report can be utilized for many types of users without the worry of sharing sensitive information.
  3. Insightful, Visual Reporting: Power BI offers users to see their data come to life in dynamic easy to consume charts and graphs. Power BI eliminates the time-consuming process of running a report and then having to compare it to multiple other reports to make key decisions. Reports can combine data from several sources and analyze it and give key insights, forecasts and even use AI to help determine trends. Power BI brings BI to users in an easy-use format that can give everyone in your organization the information and insights to improve what they do and how they do it.

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