Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a flexible Cloud, (or On-Premises) ERP System designed with a vast arrange of business management functionalities including Manufacturing.  Core ERP functionalities contained in MS Business Central including management of advanced financials, inventory/supply chain, projects, human resources, light CRM, warehousing, service, and manufacturing. When companies subscribe to a license, there are 2 options: Essentials and Premium.  A more detailed comparison of Essentials vs Premium licensing can be found here. Microsoft Business Central Essentials has over 100 unique ERP business functionalities.  The pricing for Microsoft Business Central is $ 70/user/month. However, if your organization requires Manufacturing; these components are found in the higher version called Premium; which is $ 100/user/month.  Below are the 10 Ways Microsoft Business Central Helps Manufacturers.

  1. Assembly Management Specify a list of sellable items, raw materials, subassemblies, and resources as an assembly bill of materials that make up a finished item or a kit. Use assembly orders to replenish assembly items. Capture customer requirements for the kit’s bill of materials directly from sales quotes, blanket orders, and order lines in the assemble-to-order processes.
  2. Standard Cost Worksheet Give company controllers a reliable and efficient way to maintain accurate inventory costs. Work with standard cost updates in Business Central in the same way you would in an Excel spreadsheet. Prepare for cost updates without changing data until you’re ready.
  3. Production Bill of Materials (BOM): Create bills of materials and calculate their standard cost.
  4. Basic Capacity Planning Add capacities (work centers) to the manufacturing process. Set up routings for production orders and material requirements planning. View loads and the task list for the capacities.
  5. Machine Centers Add machine centers as capacities in the manufacturing process. Manage capacity for each machine or production resource on a detailed level for machine centers, and on a consolidated level for work centers. Use machine centers to store default information about manufacturing processes, such as setup times and default scrap percentages.
  6. Version Management Create versions of the manufacturing bill of materials and routings
  7. Production Orders Create production orders and post-consumption and output. Calculate net requirements based on production orders. Use a manual supply planning tool as an alternative to automatic planning. Get visibility and tools to manually plan for demand from sales lines and to create supply orders.
  8. Finite Loading Manage finite loading of capacity-constraint resources. Account for capacity constraints for periods to avoid overloading work centers. Calculate capable-to-promise (CTP).
  9. Sales and Inventory Forecasting: You can use the Sales and Inventory Forecast extension to get deep insights about potential sales and a clear overview of expected stock-outs. The built-in Cortana Intelligence leverages historical data and helps you manage your stock and respond to your customers. Based on the forecast, the Sales and Inventory extension helps create replenishment requests for vendors and saves you time.
  10. Deep Microsoft Products Integration: Having a Microsoft solution allows you to connect to many other add-on business systems which can greatly enhance your enterprise system. Popular add-on Microsoft products include Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft 365, Teams, CRM, Outlook, Power-BI, and others.  Furthermore, by being a Microsoft customer, you have access to thousands of Business Applications on the Microsoft online store: Microsoft AppSource.  MS AppSource is an option to tailor your EPR solution even future with unique business functionalities.

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