With the rise of cloud computing and software as a service (SaaS) solutions, organizations of all sizes can benefit from mobile, secure, and scalable technology without making huge investments in on-premise servers; including selecting Cloud Accounting Systems. Cloud tools equip small businesses with enterprise-grade resources to lighten the load of managed IT and simplify their day-to-day operations. Yet, many companies hesitate to transition from their own on-premise servers and solutions.

Below are some of the Top 10 Reasons to Select Cloud Accounting System and offer thought into this increasing trend of Cloud Enterprise Technology:

  1. Technology to Keep Your Data Safe: With cloud services, you get more than just storage; you get security. Not only do cloud solutions feature built-in redundancy to make sure your data’s backups have backups, you also leverage your cloud partner’s security investment—millions of dollars that someone else has paid to ensure your data stays safe.
  2. Connect your People, Processes and Data: Get ahead of the competition with united,, adaptable, and stable solutions that work together to connect your teams and streamline your operations.
  3. Gain a Complete Picture of Your Business with better Insights: By integrating your accounting data into a cloud solution, you can get real-time analytics and reporting to create an accurate and up-to-date picture of your organization’s habits and trends
  4. Improve your Cash Flow: Cloud services typically operate on a monthly, per user license, so costs are predictable, and limited to your needs. Pay for what you need, and adapt as your business grows
  5. Eliminate Costly Hardware: Migrating to the cloud presents the chance to unload on-site servers, free up hard drive space, and eliminate the need to monitor and maintain those tools. That means fewer IT expenses, less administrative oversight, and more space to grow.
  6. Reduce IT Concerns: By removing your server responsibilities, your IT team can focus on more value-added tasks like on boarding new employees and expanding your services.
  7. Simplified Mobility:  Cloud access controls mean your team can securely work from home or in the field with the full capabilities of an on-site employee. With the cloud you can manage quotes, orders, and projects from nearly anywhere.
  8. Get Up and Running Fast:  Because cloud solutions are managed by your partner, there’s no hardware to set up or software to install—you can get started on day one.
  9. Save Time and Money: Merge bookkeeping, inventory, sales management, and other tasks into a single solution that makes previously time-intensive responsibilities more efficient.
  10. Scalability:  For a growing business, the flexibility to pay for and use only what
    you need provides peace of mind that you’ll always have the right
    service at the right time.

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Posted by iCepts Technology Group; a Microsoft Dynamics Cloud Accounting System Partner


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