Combining radio frequency and barcode technology with a robust, three-tiered, internet-based archietture, Accellos WMS delivers a powerful, scalable and flexible “Real Time” Warhouse Managment System (WMS) that help you:
• Boost productivity
• Reduce cost
• Shorten Order Fulfillment Times
• Increase Customer Satisfaction
Accellos WMS Integrates seamlessly with many popular accounting/order-entry packages and shipping systems to provide the warehousing link into a totoal suppy chain solution. Accellos WMS offers a feature rich to automate, streamline and verify all your in-warehouse processess. From the recierving dock to the shipping dock, Accellos WMS tracks every movement of stock into, out of, and within the warehouse.
• Return on Investment (ROI) can be realized as short as 12-18 months
• Ask about how you can save money by Automating your Warehouse!

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