HighJump™ Warehouse Edge is a leading end-to-end warehouse management suite enabling executives, managers and warehouse personnel to access real-time supply chain analytics and take proactive or corrective action anywhere, anytime. Managers and workers are always on the move and need access to relevant information and the ability to respond quickly and easily while on the go.  When you Automate your NAV Warehouse with HighJump  WMS you can streamline operations , increase inventory accuracy and take advantage of advanced functionality from any browser, desktop tablet or smartphone.

With a highly accessible and actionable warehouse management suite, you will be able to respond to evolving market pressures and deliver on ever-shrinking time to delivery windows. In addition, operations executives and warehouse managers are enabled through a supply chain control tower that acts as a single command center for visibility, decision-making and action, based on real-time data.

Reasons to Automate NAV Warehouse with HighJump WMS include:

Drive Increased Productivity

Utilize advanced functionality to increase inventory turns and provide detailed worker accountability, resulting in heightened productivity and maximized efficiency. Optimized warehouse processes reduce picking time and product touches by allowing you to seize cross-docking opportunities. It also minimizes travel paths with slotting/re-slotting functionality, optimizes picking execution with user-configured algorithms, and intelligently directs put-away to the appropriate bins based on product handling characteristics. Furthermore, our solutions virtually eliminate the need for non-value-added activities such as manual checking and shipment audits.

Avoid Costly Errors With Up To 99%+ Inventory Accuracy

Through robust cycle counting capabilities, real-time information confirmation and verification, our solution gives your employees and their managers immediate feedback on work accuracy. An accurate system ensures workers are not looking for missing inventory or overloading any given location.

Boost On-Time and Complete Shipments

The accurate order picking functionality of HighJump Warehouse Edge allows you to deliver complete orders on time. Increased fill rates and decreased cycle times enable you to avoid costly shipping delays and backorders that jeopardize valuable customer relationships. In addition, overall process efficiency decreases cycle time,resulting in more on-time shipments.

Optimize Warehouse Space

HighJump Warehouse Edge provides directed stock rotation, intelligent picking directives, automatic consolidation, and cross- docking to maximize the use of valuable warehouse space. The system also directs and optimizes put-away based on accurate, real-time information about the status of bin utilization.

Reduce Shrinkage and Spoilage

Our solution facilitates real-time monitoring and enforces FIFO (first-in, first out) rotation to reduce spoilage. In addition, high levels of worker accountability empower you to detect shrinkage problems

Exceed Customer Expectations

You will be empowered to consistently deliver on customer promises with the ability to reduce cycle times, stock-outs and backorders; improve order accuracy and on-time shipments; and offer unique services

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