Sometimes it is hard to step back from your business and ask yourself hard questions about what is happening within your operation.  Since this blog concentrates on warehouse operations I have put together a list of some questions every business owner, VP/Director of Operations or Warehouse Manager needs to ask themselves periodically specifically about the warehouse.

  • Is my inventory as accurate as it needs to be?
  • Are my employees able to do their work efficiently?
  • Am I losing customers because of my warehouse?
  • Am I attracting new business and maintaining a superior relationship with them?
  • Am I upsetting my current customers because of issues in my warehouse?
  • Do I know how many shipping mistakes occur and what they cost me daily/weekly?
  • Do I have too much dead stock in my warehouse?
  • Am I able to hold my employees accountable for their work?
  • Does my office staff make too many data entry errors?
  • Are my fill rates to low?
  • Is my warehouse laid out in a way to insure efficient picking of orders?
  • Am I overstaffed because of inefficient processes?
  • Does my sales staff trust the inventory levels?
  • Is my warehouse unkempt?
  • Am I spending too much on equipment repairs?

Of course there are many more questions that could be asked.  It is important to your business to ask these questions and find out the answers on a regular basis.  If the answers are making you uncomfortable look for ways to fix the problems, don’t let them fester and cause you even bigger headaches.  The bottom line is don’t ignore the warehouse just because it seems like everything is okay and products are getting out the door.  It’s my opinion that the warehouse can make or break your business.

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