Lean is simply the elimination of all waste in a company, increasing throughput and bringing value to the customer beyond their expectations. More than that, Lean is a new way of doing business and should be part of the company’s' culture.

People become process and problem solvers. Top Management comes to the shop floor and works with shop floor people at gemba (work cell/shop floor) to solve problems and improve processes daily. Lean is daily continuous improvement by people and management and is a never ending journey.

People Application : People can use Define, Measure, Analyze and Control
(DMAIC) and Plan, Do, Check Act (PDCA) to solve problems. Value stream
Mapping (VSM) is used to improve processes.
Top Management Applications: Management must engage their people and get them invested in Lean initiatives. Top Management and their people must be very disciplined daily. Voice of the Employee (VoE) must be heard daily and ideas implemented.
● Voice of the Customer: (VoC) is used to obtain customers pros and cons of
your company. Based on this input, significant changes should be made to being value to the customer.
● Lean Tools : Lean tools after you changed your culture;
○ 6S : sort-set in order-shine-standardize-sustain (most important is to
sustain change) and safety.
○ Kaizen or Daily Continuous Improvement
○ Kanban or Pull Systems from the internal and external customer
○ Lean Six Sigma: near zero defects quality

Request this complimentary document to also explore topics such as:

  • Embracing Lean Warehousing.
  • Applying Lean to your Physical Assets.
  • Applying Lean to your Processes.
  • Applying Lean to your Team.
  • Applying Lean to your Supply Chain Partners.

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