Warehouse Management Systems are becoming popular as supply chain logistics become ever more complicated along with increasing customer demands.  With an escalating volume of inventory movement, many organizations are turning to technology to streamline operations and meet these challenges.

Advanced technology through Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) allow companies to respond to evolving market pressures and deliver on ever-shrinking time to delivery windows. These systems efficiently capture every scan, every movement of inventory and are designed to make both accuracies along with cost reduction a top priority.  The following article can give you some insight into methods, obtained through warehouse technology, for achieving better warehouse management that are key to modern business supply chain logistics in addition to reaching your organization’s goals.

Warehouse Management Systems are designed with savings in mind to manage your inventory in the most efficient manner possible. However, additional benefits can be recognized in other areas, such as cost saving associated with reduced labor and administrative costs, plus also an increase in customer service levels.

While concrete return on investment numbers can be calculated such as an increase in inventory picking accuracies up to 99.9%, or the reduction in labor hours before and after a WMS has been implemented, intangible benefits should not be overlooked.  These include an increase in customer services levels and reduced returned inventory as well.

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Posted by iCepts Technology Group, Inc a HighJump WMS Partner in Pennsylvania