Our History

We are a 100% Employee owned Full Service Information Technology Company

iCepts was founded in 1980 by Paul Baddorf. The company was started as BSI Systems. Paul Baddorf’s vision was to combine the business acumen of accountants and managers, with the technical know-how of the MIS people to create a truly company-oriented computer services firm.

As with any start-up company, growing BSI Systems was a challenge. As a former engineer, manufacturer, and business owner, Baddorf understood growing a technical business, but he was not a computer technician. Since he believed he could be the link between technical and business functions, he wanted a firm understanding of the technology before his business could grow.

In 1988, Les Adams Jr. joined the company as Vice President of Sales. Adams, himself an engineer, brought 27 years of computer industry experience to BSI. Adams spent the first 23 years of his career working with Fortune 500 companies IBM and MAI/Sorbus.

In 1995, Baddorf retired due to health reasons and Adams became President. Adams made a critical decision to create a management team that would bring needed expertise into an ownership position.

In 1997, BSI became I-SYS Technologies, Inc. and moved to a new 15,000 square foot office facility in Middletown. This move was necessary, as I-Sys had outgrown its facility in Mechanicsburg.

On September 15, 2000 the name was changed to iCepts Technology Group, Inc. due to a trademark issue resulting from geographic expansion.

Throughout the changes in the IT industry and the economy, Adams and the executive management team continue to lead iCepts. They do this by providing their customers with the most efficient technology solutions and by utilizing their “one-stop shop” approach to addressing all of a business’s IT needs.

As of January 2006, iCepts is proud to announce that it is a 100% Employee Stock Ownership Company. The Executive Management team continues to lead the company now owned by the ESOP trust.

As of December 1st, 2023, Ed Wilk has been promoted to President.  The executive management team comprises Les Adams, CEO; Ed Wilk, President, Bruce Kehl, Vice President, Services; Ron Fullmer, Senior Consultant and Alexandra Davis, Finance. These highly skilled and experienced people have formed a very powerful team of employees to help their client’s businesses grow.

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to honor God and serve people by helping businesses utilize information technology to achieve excellence.

We want to be the premier provider of Information Systems and Services for the markets we choose to serve and the technologies we choose to represent and use. We will strive to provide our customers the finest Information Technology service and support available.

We recognize our ultimate accountability to God for our integrity and trustworthiness. Our company exists to serve people and meet their needs. People and families should be valued in every decision. We want only “win-win” relationships with our employees, customers and suppliers.

Core Values

Honesty. We expect everyone to be truthful — and to have a genuine commitment to the truth. Honest people do not deliberately mislead by misrepresentation, overstatements, partial truths, selective omissions, or any other deceptive means.

Integrity. iCepts defines integrity as “strength of character.” It means combining high standards of being and doing. People with integrity demonstrate the courage of their convictions by doing what is right even when there is great pressure to do otherwise.

Caring/Fairness. Justice in our company is tempered with compassion. We seek to do unto others as we would have them do unto us. We believe customers don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

Openness. We encourage dialogue and reflective thought. We expect all of our associates to share information, ideas, and thinking that lead to extraordinary communication, learning, discovery, and performance.

Quality Dedication. Total quality management and continuous improvement are obsessions at iCepts. This is the means through which we can reach our corporate objective of Customer Jubilation.

Promise Keeping. We say what we do, and do what we say. Promise keeping is a critical measure of personal integrity, faith in self, self-mastery, and an indispensable basis for success.

Personal Mastery. This is the value that allows us to be the best we can be. It involves continuous training and continuous learning — both as individuals and as an organization.