You may be thinking to yourself, “we do a good enough job managing our customer relationships, we don’t need a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution”.

When it comes to customer satisfaction,¬†good enough, is never enough. Customers are the single most important piece of your company. Without them, you are nothing. This simple fact is what leads me to my next question. Why would you risk a bad customer relationship because you don’t have a system or solution in place that makes managing that customer relationship much more simple?

When people think about a CRM solution a lot of times they automatically think of sales people using this tool as a way to keep track of new sales opportunities. That is not a wrong assumption. CRM solutions have traditionally been used for the purpose of tracking new sales opportunities and hopefully closing more deals. However, there is a whole other side to a CRM solution that doesn’t get the acknowledgement that it deserves, even though its right in the name. Customer Relationship Management, i.e. managing existing customer accounts, tracking communication, scheduling follow up, tracking key contacts within the organization, tracking touch-points and finally, managing cross sell and up sell opportunities!

Believe it or not, many companies today still rely on their individual Sales Reps and Account Executives to track all of these things, using whatever method they find best for themselves. Over time this ends up causing more trouble than originally expected. Each Rep or AE will have their own way of doing this and that way will be whatever works best for them. Which in some cases is not an issue if they are going to stay with the company for 30 years and they will always be working alone. Where it becomes a problem is when a company begins to scale and grow its customer base therefore growing a need for more AE and Sales Reps alike. You can imagine how quickly a sales team can grow disconnected when 5-25 people are all using their own method for tracking customer relationships and new sales opportunities.

That disconnection will only continue to grow when on-boarding new team members and of course when the inevitable problem occurs, turnover. So how do we prevent this disconnection from happening? That is where an easy to use CRM solution comes into play. One central system at all Sales Reps and AE use to track communications with new business and existing customers. This brings the team together and allows them to collaborate when appropriate. In the event of turnover, the new Rep or AE can pick up right where their predecessor left off. Making sure you never let a customer relationship spiral downward or miss out on a new business opportunity.

Taking on a project of implementing a new business solution sounds like a scary idea. If you have any experience with this in the past 5-10 years, it may have very well been a scary experience. Fear no more. With Cloud technology today these implementation are much less costly up front and can take 50% of the amount of time to complete. In order for these implementations go off without a hitch, it is important you find an expert in the field. A group that is not only are experts in cloud technology but also understand your unique business requirements and processes.

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