The effective management of your warehouse and fulfillment/distribution operations is critical to the ongoing success of your business – but you’re not sure whether to select your ERP’s warehouse module or a best-of-breed warehouse management system (WMS). Unfortunately, the answer is not simple. There are key and critical topics to consider with Best-In-Breed WMS Selection vs. ERP WMS to decide your best options. The fact is, implementing an add-on ERP module without fully understanding the implications to your business could actually prove more costly when considering the potential impact on the total cost of ownership (TCO), competitive advantage, and customer satisfaction. Your system’s total cost of ownership is determined by all costs associated with the initial implementation, which includes functionality fit, any up-front business process modifications, and integration; the ease of adapting the solution to your ever-changing requirements on an ongoing basis; and the upgrade process. In today’s highly competitive economy, the ability to respond to changing business and customer requirements more effectively and quickly than your competitors is critical. The strategic importance of your selection cannot be overstated. Budget overruns, dissatisfied customers, and lost competitive advantage are very real threats. With so much weighing on making the right decision for your business, the importance of learning more about the actual differences between ERP warehouse modules and best-of-breed warehouse management systems is clear. This paper will examine the various areas that can be used to help determine which type of solution is the best fit for your business. This examination will include the following:

  1. Business Strategy
  2. Maximizing Business Results: The Cost Factor
  3. Functionality Fit
  4. Vendor Focus on Supply Chain Solutions
  5. Company Culture
  6. Infrastructure and Architecture
  7. Product Composition and Maturity
  8. Implementation and Ongoing Support

As you look at the topics listed, you will see that different organizations within your company will focus on various items. If you are an IT or operations professional, Implementation and Ongoing Support will be a key concern. Many of the other topics listed will also be important to you, including Functionality Fit, Vendor Focus, Company Culture, Infrastructure and Architecture, and Product Composition and Maturity. However, at the end of the day, Maximizing Business Results is the most critical component of all. Getting the value that meets your core business strategy is what truly matters. All of these items need to be viewed with this perspective in mind.

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