In today’s competitive environment, customers’ demands are increasing as well as the complexity of inventory movement throughout the warehouse. Competitors are finding way to both handle inventory faster and also methods to squeeze out more profits. Your current supply chain management logistics technology has a direct impact of its’ performance, accuracy, and profitability. By utilizing Warehouse Management Systems to help track inventory more efficiency can greatly help in obtaining this goal.

Below are 6 Product Accuracy Challenges Solved through Warehouse Management Systems-WMS

1. PRODUCT CODESWoman using a barcode reader in a distribution warehouse

Whether you chose RFID or barcoding as a means of identifying various products, product coding greatly adds to warehouse accuracy. Pickers and packers can simply scan the items they are looking for to fill an order and immediately know if they are correct. This contributes to less accidental switches and confusion when picking and packing order.


Using a WMS solution to help design your warehouse for efficiency will help your pickers know exactly where they need to go for a product location. This reduces misplacement of items. In addition, pick times are lessened when items are arranged so that quick turnover products are close to packing and slow moving inventory is placed in lower traffic areas of the warehouse.


Having exact product codes and locations greatly improve the quality of the inventory data your company has for inventory management. Knowing exactly how many items are in exactly which bins, to be placed in exactly which orders, can aid in managing stock-outs, misplacements, mis-shipments, and even potential theft within the warehouse. With better inventory visibility, orders can be sent faster without back-orders and costs can be cut by less inventory loss


Knowing exactly where a product is in a warehouse and knowing how many are left in the bin help pickers fill orders faster. Packing can be expedited with fast-moving products closer to packing locations. In addition, scanning products help to get the orders filled correctly the first time and almost completely eliminate returns due to picking and packing mistakes.


With product data made available by scanning, bin replenishment can be made easy. The system keeps track of how many items are in each bin and slot and can be programmed with rules so that certain product numbers never drop below a certain amount. This removes the guessing from the reordering of inventory and the back-order problem when there are not enough items to fill a customer’s order.


When supplying products to a large retailer, it is important to provide them with correctly labeled items that will be read by the retailer’s computer system. Having incorrectly formatted labeling or no Advance Shipment Notice can result in the return of the order and a charge-back for that returned order. With product codes and inventory tracking in conjunction with EDI capabilities, order accuracy can be increased to 99.9%.

HighJump/Accellos WMS Solutions can we can help you achieve new levels of supply chain responsiveness, performance and profitability. By implementing a trusted inventory management system can help form a complete, powerful and adaptable platform solution that allow you to drive growth, customer satisfaction and revenue.

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