What Makes AccellosOne Cloud WMS Different?

Businessman works with Virtual Cloud Computer

What sets Accellos apart from other solution providers with Cloud offerings is what is included in the standard offering. The solutions includes not only core Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) functionality such as picking, receiving, lot/serial tracking, stock locator and much more, but Accellos goes a step further by offering you a comprehensive suite of supply chain solutions. In the standard Cloud WMS package you will receive configurable dashboards, integrated reporting, appointment scheduling for your dock doors and carriers and document imaging that allows you to manage your electronic documents.

6 Key benefits of AccellosOne Cloud WMS include:

  1. Flexible subscription pricing that aligns your cost to the system usage (no more large upfront fees and paying for software you don’t use)
  2. Technical administration such as back‐up and system availability monitoring provided by Accellos
  3. Software updates included as part of the service
  4. Elastic computing resources
  5. Ability to personalize system to meet needs of specific distribution centers
  6. Standard integration to many accounting and ERP packages including Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, and SAP BusinessOne

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