In a recent Business Intelligence for the Small to Medium Business Aberdeen research study discovered four primary pressures driving deployment of Business Intelligence in the SMB market space.

  1. Need for better speed of access to relevant data
  2. Need for improved integration of data from multiple business applications
  3. Need to provide visibility to a broader audience: – Greater number of internal users, – External partners and customers
  4. Need to reduce the overall cost

It is a well-known fact that if you’re not measuring the results of your enterprise, it is difficult to declare victory or defeat. Yet many companies, due to the historic high cost of deploying business intelligence solutions, have chosen to stay with hard copy reports that get printed, set aside and typically not used.  Better supply chain management technology such as business intelligence solutions with warehouse management technology can help your company reach these goals.

AccelosOne Warehouse Management System is a robust “best-in-breed” solution to gain increased accuracy in the proper flow of your inventory  while also optimizing supply chain performance.  Additional warehousing technology solutions include AccelllosOne Plus for WMS.

AccellosOne Pulse enables 3PL’s, distributors, retailers, manufacturers and transportation companies to get immediate insight into the key performance indicators that drive decisions in their business every day.

Available both as a fully integrated component of the overall AccellosOne family of supply chain products or as a standalone solution, AccellosOne Pulse delivers time sensitive graphs and charts pointing out key criteria to aid in your decision making process.

Enterprise Visibility AccellosOne Pulse can span the applications that you use within your extended enterprise. With its open connectivity layer, Pulse will pull the key performance indicators from disparate components of your operation like your warehouse management function, the parcel shipping operation, your EDI trading partner network and even your ERP system. Each role within your organization can have one or several views, or dashboards, delivering the right information at the right time in the right format to empower informed decision making.

Information Timed The Way You Need: It Some key information within your operation has a definite “shelf life”. Most dashboard tools deliver “strategic” information that analyzes historical data to allow you to draw conclusions that facilitate strategic decision making. While important, there are equally vital “tactical” metrics that are driven by real time operational data providing facts to enable immediate action – well within the decision’s “shelf life”. Pulse supports both “strategic” and “tactical” views empowering your decisions with the appropriate information.

Through the use of AccellosOne Event, you can define alerts against any KPI that can deliver emails, text messages or dashboard notices when the KPI meets your specific criteria.

Intuitive User Experience: It’s not enough to be robust – you have to be easy to use. Our innovative user interface is delivered in a browser, but acts like a familiar Microsoft Office solution that you use every day. Pulse allows an unlimited number of user defined views containing a broad variety of key performance indicators displayed as graphs, gauges or grids.

Flexible Deployment Options: Pulse is easy to take advantage of. It is deployed using “cloud” technology either on premise or off premise. So all you have to do is to decide when to start and how involved you want your IT staff!

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