The Opportunity and Challenge in the Mid-Market Today

Today, shifts in supply chain businesses are significant and almost exclusively driven by eCommerce. Over the last few years, the news has focused on the striking growth of online commerce and the softening of traditional brick and mortar retail. Without question, businesses are focused on their supply chain’s response to these shifts.4 Key Secrets of the Mid-Market WMS Industry

Interestingly, these winds of change most commonly impact mid-sized businesses. As an example, the growth opportunity for the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) wholesale distributor has never been better. These are the companies whose business models are best suited to fulfill directly to both consumers and the large distributor to customer (D2C) companies, such as Amazon. If distributors have the right product mix and willingness to take on the compliance requirements of doing business with large eCommerce brands, the growth can be spectacular.

This growth challenge is a response to compliance requirements and meeting “The Perfect Order,” as demanded by D2C business models. Do these companies have systems in place that can make sense of orders that range from one line, one unit to having over two, three, or sometimes four hundred plus lines? Can they handle the label requirements that then need to be integrated with EDI? Will the opportunity to grow be eaten alive by the staffing levels required to overcome fulfillment system deficiencies?

The spoils are going to those best prepared to handle the multi-channel order fulfillment response in their warehouse; those that have a supply chain strategy that embraces workflow optimization and best-in-class customer service levels, in conjunction with integrated compliance; those that have best-of-breed Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) software.

Before we go on, there are a number of ways to measure the size of different companies; Fortune 500 is the obvious example.

The software industry tends to define company size within the market as:

Tier 1 companies – companies with an excess of $5 billion in sales

Tier 2 companies – companies that range between $1 billion to $5 billion

The small to medium or mid-sized business (SMB) – companies with revenue up to $1 billion

This white paper reveals four key secrets of the WMS Industry as they pertain to the SMB within the context of the growth opportunity in global commerce… what the buyer must absolutely consider when evaluating software systems for the warehouse.

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