Efficient Inventory Flow with Warehouse Management Software-Part 1 “Receiving”

From order entry to fulfillment, Accellos One Warehouse works together with your ERP system to provide the end-to-end solution for the materials handling management and real-time inventory visibility throughout the enterprise.  Accellos One integrates with many popular ERP systems including the Microsoft Dynamics Suite of ERP Systems. This document highlights a high-level process flow, derived from[…]

How Goods Correctly Flow Through a Warehouse; Part 4-Waiving & Picking

Once an order is ready to pick, it may be issued for picking using the Wave function. The warehouse manager will typically sort and select order groups for picking using the Sales Order Grid, then issue the orders for picking using the Wave function.   As a result, warehouse managers have unlimited flexibility when determining their[…]

How Goods Correctly Flow Through a Warehouse with a Warehouse Management System; Part 3-Allocation

Warehouse allocation is responsible for the logical reservation of product for sales orders. Allocation may be based on specific criteria such as FIFO, LIFO, FEFO, batch, pack-size, zone and warehouse. As items are received into the warehouse, they are immediately available for order allocation, eliminating any time delay or sequencing issues between receipts, receipt Confirmation[…]

How Goods Correctly Flow Through a Warehouse with a Warehouse Management System; Part 2-Order Management

Sales orders placed by phone, fax or email are typically entered into your ERP system manually using the Sales Order Entry function. Orders may also be placed using a B2B (Business to Business) e-commerce web-site, remote sales through mobile devices or by EDI. As a result of sales orders being entered into your ERP system,[…]