February 13, 2015

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Advanced Warehouse by Highjump

Are you frustrated by the way that the Microsoft Dynamics NAV warehouse management system limits your warehouse options?


Why not use a “best of breed” approach and use a world class warehouse management system with your world class ERP,  Microsoft Dynamics NAV system.

We have a version of Highjump Warehouse Edge created just for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Learn more about our advanced warehouse management for Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution here. 

We are huge fans of the idea of allowing Microsoft Dynamics NAV to run your business AND  allowing a best of breed warehouse management system such as Highjump Warehouse Edge to run your warehouse.

We have available for your warehouse a version of Highjump Warehouse Edge just for Dynamics NAV.

This working relationship leverages the best of the latest technologies from each solution to share information via web services. This allows you to have the inventory in both system always accurate and allow for simple to very complex warehouse rules and functionality.

Ask us for more information about how you can free your warehouse. Click Here !


Download this free white paper about Highjump Warehouse Edge created just for Microsoft Dynamics NAV


NAV to Highjump Advanced warehouse wms white paper