AccellosOne WMS 6.5 Brochure

The continued development of AccellosOne Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) has just been released in the latest version-6.5.  This AccellosOne WMS 6.5 Brochure will highlight some of the rich features for better inventory control and warehouse operationally efficiency. In your day-to-day activity in your warehouse, does your time center on any of these common questions? How[…]

7 Costly Events in a Paper-Driven Warehouse

There many reasons why a business decides to look at an electronic warehouse inventory management solution.  In many cases it’s one event that will finally push the decision makers at a company to take action.  This event usually has had a significant price tag associated with it.  Here is a short list of events that[…]

Big Productivity Gains using Small Barcodes

The barcode label is everywhere and it is no longer just a bunch of odd shaped vertical lines with numbers under them.  Today you can store a tremendous amount of information in a small rectangular shaped barcode.  Retailers have been scanning barcodes at check outs for years.  But how are they used in conjunction with[…]